Final Reflection

“Give a man a program, frustrate him for a day. Teach a man to program, frustrate him for a lifetime.”-Waseem Latif. When I started learning to code it frustrated me, in fact it still frustrates me to this day. Throughout all the frustration, I found enjoyment in coding. Its very relaxing when everything goes smoothly. Propel has had it’s frustrating moments but I will never regret my decision of coming to Propel.

In the beginning of March, I started to learn how to program a game. I found it very frustrating, as this is something I have never done before. I managed to learn code really easily. Late March, I started by coding the frame of the game. I started by putting maps together. I didn’t finish the frame of the game until roughly late April.  From May until June I worked on puzzles and cut scenes which is some of the most frustrating programming you could ever do. As the program we were using is very limited, still we did an amazing job.

While creating a game, you will be faced with many difficulties. Problem solving was one of the many things that I have learned. For example, Kage, Shae and I found a problem with implementing Shae’s art work into the game. We tried everything including photo shop. We ended up finally fixing it by using an older version of RPG Maker (which is a coding program). Problem solving has been a huge factor for our project and I believe it will be very important for my future as well.

Another huge thing I learned were the 6 C’s. I have used the 6 C’s throughout my whole experience in Propel. The 6 C’s are communication, character, citizenship, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. We used communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity during our project, as we were in a group of 3. We had to overcome problems together. We used character and citizenship during volunteering, as we were helping kids make little paper cup bears at the teddy bear picnic.  The 6 C’s are something that I will use more than likely for the rest of my life.

What success have we had? Well, the three of us have completed so much work and finished a game that we are proud of. We have 23 original characters which I find are pretty awesome! We have our own original music which is amazing! We made a copy-right free video game the three of us are the proud of. We managed to make fantastic puzzles with only a $75 budget. We may have struggled a little bit but the three of us managed to pull through.

I would say our project has had more struggle then success, not that our project was a complete fail. Some of the struggle we had was malfunctioning programs, lack of time and finally funding. I never knew how long it would take to make a videogame as I have never made one before. Lets just say I was really rushed near the end. A normal video game costs roughly anywhere from $1,000 – $200,000. Our game cost about $75. So as you can see, we dealt really well with the funding that we had. The $75 went into 2 programs one is called RPG Maker and the other is Game Character Hub. Luckily we had Shae’s brother to make all the music for us for free as he had a program for it.

This semester in Propel has been crazy! We have done so much, but two things that have been my favorite in Propel are the morning shares and the Teddy Bear Picnic volunteer experience. When I go back to Béliveau I will miss the morning shares like crazy, I really enjoyed just being able to talk a little bit before we start the day. The Teddy bear Picnic made me feel really generous as I got to help so many kids. We also got to explore for a while afterwards! The best part about the Teddy Bear Picnic was seeing how happy it made the kids.

Another important thing we did during the Propel school year was Career Symposium with Mr. Magnifico. I really enjoyed this for many different reasons. The first day we were there we got to be secret shoppers. We got to talk to every booth in the convention center, at the end we got to give out awards to the best 5! The next day we had to run a booth. Essentially the booth was there to help young kids like us get jobs.  All in all, I loved Career symposium as I got to look at all the different Universities and Colleges across Canada, so I have a sense for my future.

In conclusion, Propel has been one of the best experiences of my life. I could never ask for more out of a program. I believe I will actually pass on my knowledge to future people who would like to learn to program. After being in Propel, I know I can learn how to do anything if I put my mind into it. Programming is a skill that I will use for the rest of my life and I’m very hopeful that I will be able to be in Propel grade 12 next year as well.

This will be my last post, thank you to every one who read my blog!


Blog 8

Project work…. Yikes, I have a lot of work to do within the next week. Our videogame project has become very stressful as I have to put everything together by the end of this week. But I truly believe that the stress is a good thing, I need stress in my life to make sure everything gets done. Without stress our project would never get done. 

This week I have to finish the rest of the puzzles and cut scenes. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll have a ton of work done. I am really excited to see how our final project turns out. Shae has very few characters left to make and Kage has literally one map left to do. 

In conclusion I’m feeling the stress of it all as we are doing our best to finish everything on time. I am very excited to show everyone our work once the game is finalized. I will have to cut this blog short as I have a ton of work to do. Hope you guys understand. Thanks!

Blog 7


The last two weeks at Propel have been pretty crazy. They have also been my favourite two weeks so far. We did many things this week including a speech from mayor Bowman, worked on our projects and finally my favourite, a few of us went to career symposium.

The speech from mayor Bowman was actually really interesting. He talked about what he saw for the future of Winnipeg. Bowman said, I see a future Winnipeg where everyone is helping each other out. Mayor Bowman then proceeded to tell us that every single one of us should do three things to benefit Winnipeg in one way or another. I will defiantly do my best to try and help out our community.

Project work… Yikes the do date for our project is coming by so fast I’m literally working my butt off to get it done in time. I’m sure everything will get done but still there is a lot of stress.

Career symposium was a really good experience; I’ve never been to something like Career Symposium before. I’m pretty sure all the major colleges and universities where there. We got to be secret shoppers so we had to go to every booth and evaluate them. At the end of the day we presented awards to the best booths.

The last two weeks where really stressful, but like my teachers always say “stress is healthy”. The speech from the mayor was awesome and also career symposium was lots of fun. Over all these past two weeks where my favourite.

Blog 6


Sorry I have not been around in a while, from now on we’re posting our blogs every 2 weeks. The past 2 weeks have been exceptionally productive for our project. Shae has created a billions of characters and Kage has made 4 maps. I personally have gotten us a new program called Game Character Hub. We also solved a huge problem with implementing artwork.

Our problem was that the artwork was implementing way to big. We took 5 different approaches to fix this problem and none of them were successful. So to solve this problem we decided to downgrade to an older version of the program which allowed us to make the art work smaller.

The program we got is going to help us implement Shae’s art into our game. It will also allow us to make original tiles for our game. Game Character Hub will allow us to create and finish our game before June 14th. (June 14th “roughly” we will be presenting our project) I hope everyone has enjoyed their week!puzzle-28879_960_720

Blog 5

Hello everyone that follows my blog!

Welcome to my spring break blog! A lot has happened during my spring break, for one I hung out with all my friends from Beliveau. Also I managed to figure out how to code a little more on Java script. Spring break has been very productive, but I can’t wait to go back to Propel.

Hanging out with my friends while being at Propel has been difficult. But during spring break we actually managed to hang out a lot. Seeing my friends helped me think of some ideas that I may implement into my project. Like they had some awesome ideas for monsters.

I believe I can finally start coding the base for our project. I have finally figured out mostly everything on Java, therefore coding should be a breeze.


I had a really awesome spring break. I’m very excited to return to school and continue in the Propel program.

Blog 4


Hello friends!

This week was pretty cool! The Beliveau kids got to go to the University of St. Boniface for a tour. We also went to the Tigers Den at the school board office. This week at ProPEL has been one of my favourites for those two reasons. Also, our project work has been going pretty swell.

The University was actually really cool. We went for a tour to see all the science labs and all the other classrooms. My favourite part was their cafeteria because it’s huge and looks awesome! After the tour we went to the cafeteria to eat lunch where we were served pizza, drinks, and cookies. All in all, I think I will definitely be going to the University of St. Boniface when I graduate.

What is Tigers Den? Well, have you seen the show on TV called Dragons Den? If not, it’s where you propose an idea to investors and try to peak their interests into buying your product. We were split into groups of 5 or 6 and we had the whole day to make an idea, then, at the end of the day we had to peak the interest of the “Tiger”. My groups idea actually came in first place out of the 10 groups! Our Item was called WaveTunes. They were waterproof, wireless, earbuds so you could actually listen to music while you swam. Tigers den was a great experience to be apart of and I hope to go next year!

Project work has been going pretty swell. We have pretty much figured out all the minor details and we are very excited to get started on coding. We are still having difficulties working on a character design but I’m sure we will figure it out soon. We didn’t get a lot of time this week because of the university tour, Tigers den, and how we had no school on Friday, but I plan to work on my project a lot at home.

Anyway, I’m really excited for next week because of how much project work I’m going to get done. I hope everyone that reads my blog had an equally awesome week. Hope you stay tuned for next weeks’ blog!


Blog 3

Hello everyone I hope your week is going better then mine. My guinea pig has actually died today, but on the bright side ProPEL has helped me deal with all the stress. Being able to work on my project has been a big help to bring my mind off things for a while. A few cool things we did this week are, we went to the WAG (Winnipeg Art Gallery) and we did some more project work!! We also went to go see a play from our home school.


The Winnipeg Art Gallery was pretty cool to see. It was pretty amazing to see all the ancient Greek and Roman artifacts. Now I’m thinking of potentially adding Greek gods to my video game. We also got to make mini Greek pots, which I found to be a really fun activity. My pot was not as nicely constructed as some of the other ones, but it was a good time all the same. The Winnipeg Art Gallery was a great experience and I hope to go back one day soon.


The play that my home school preformed was actually not as good as I thought it would be, but I had fun anyways. It was a bilingual play and it was a musical as well. It had its funny moments but they really just stalled out the plot. All in all, they put a lot of effort in to the play and I just don’t really like plays I guess.


This may have been a bad week for me, but at least ProPEL helped me deal with all the bad things. Going to the WAG and seeing the play really helped me get through my problems. I’m really happy I’m in this program. If I was in the cookie cutter approach to school, this would all be to much for me to handle.


Blog 2

Hello everyone it`s Nick again,

I hope you have been enjoying your week so far. So much has happened since last week we went to the Human Rights Museum and even started our project work! I hope we continue to go on amazing field trips like The Human Rights Museum! The project work has been going very well. I`ve decided I’m going to make a video game, something I`ve always wanted to do!

The Human Rights Museum was actually probably my favorite thing we have done here at Propel so far! I aspire to be a history teacher one day so going to the human rights museum has been an honor for me. I honestly love going to museums and I`m so excited to go to the Winnipeg art gallery, as well as the Manitoba museum this year. The Human Rights Museum has helped me potentially add some history aspects to my video game project.

Project work! Finally what we have all been waiting for, we got to work on our project! So far I have not done a ton of work on my project, but the few hours I have put into it have been awesome! So as you know by now, I`m making a video game which actually has a surprising amount of work in it. It`s going to be a group project. I will be working with two of my peers Shae and Kage. Us three we are making an RPG video game. What is an RPG? It’s an abbreviation for “Role playing game”. A RPG is like an adventure game where you fight monsters to level up and fight a final boss to win the game. I think our video game will be an inspirational and fun game to play.

I had a good week and I keep looking forward to what each week has in-store for us. The museum was awesome and I will be going back one day for sure. Project work has been really awesome and I can’t wait to work with my team to make a functional and fun video game

.human rights

Blog 1

Hello ladies and gents, my name is Nick or Nicholas whichever you prefer.

Welcome to my super cool and amazing first blog! I will talk about all things Propel. What is Propel you may ask? It’s essentially just project base learning, so you make projects and work as a team to further your knowledge. Propel is a whole new amazing approach to learning! The first week here we did some pretty cool team building activities such as we went to a place called CodeBreakers. We figured out a problem about the whales washing up on the beach every year. A lot of people think that we do nothing in Propel but that’s not true. I’d say we do more work than the cookie cutter approach to school, where you sit in class and take notes. We have learned lots and if you read this I’ll tell you what I’ve learned. I cannot wait for what’s in store for the rest of Propel and all the other activities we have yet to do.

So, first off what is CodeBreakers? CodeBreakers is a company which owns a building in downtown Winnipeg full of different escape rooms. We were split into two teams, we had to try and escape the room before the other team. We had to work together to find clues and figure out the puzzles to escape the room. We had to use creativity, critical thinking and cooperation to beat the other team. Spoiler alert, our team did not win. It was fun all the same. It was a close game; we were just not fast enough compared to the other team. We learned some key life skills such as, working together will accomplish more than working by yourself, and you can’t rush your way through things. Something else we did this week was, we were given a problem. The problem was that at least 1 whale each year washes up on a beach, so we had to find a way to get rid of it fast and efficiently, also humanly. So our idea was hydraulics to lift the whale onto a mining truck, then to bring the whale to a science lab and let them do research using the corps. We used our common knowledge and worked together to figure out that solution.

Being accepting into Propel has honestly been an honor for me, going to CodeBreakers really helped me get to know all the people around me. The whale problem really helped me learn to communicate with everybody. This week I learned that working with people will help you excel with your future and also you can learn a lot from the people around you.